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Richland County Engineer   77  N Mulberry Street  Mansfield, Ohio 44902-1777   Phone: 419-7745591 Fax:419-774-5539

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Administration This department handles purchasing, invoices, bookkeeping, personnel administration, labor relations, public relations, payroll, contracts, budgeting, and state and federal grant coordination.

Engineering The Engineering staff performs highway and bridge planning, develops design and construction drawings, handles right of way acquisition, prepares bid documents, provides construction inspections, does surveying, completes grant applications, maintains facility inventories, and operates the GIS system.

Road and Bridge Construction and Maintenance This department performs road construction and bridge and culvert replacement and provides maintenance.


Mansfield, Shiloh and Bellville Garages. These departments handle snow and ice removal, plowing and salting, pavement resurfacing, pothole patching, berm maintenance, grass and weed control, guardrail installation, storm sewer and catch basin construction, culvert and ditch maintenance, road sign installation and maintenance, driveway permits and pipe installation.

Equipment Maintenance This department maintains and repairs vehicles and equipment, purchases vehicles and equipment, operates the fuel depot and maintains a parts inventory.


Tax Map - The Tax Map Office maintains the property map for every deeded parcel in Richland County for the County Auditor for taxation purposes.  Other services include checking of all recorded deeds, maintaining  current maps with property ownerships,  checking surveys done in the county,  providing copies of surveys old and new. The office houses tax maps that date back to 1853, including old road record books from the early 1800's and carries United States Geographical Survey topography maps, and copies of most state right-of-way plans and some cemetery plots mapped.